Your clients trust you to be professional and look out for their best interests. But could your website be dropping the ball?

If you don’t have a secure website, the answer might be yes. Without SSL it can be ridiculously easy for hackers to “listen” to communications between your website and users in order to gather information from prospects or clients.

Even if you don’t collect information online (such as a form submission), you’re still at risk. Without a secure website, you’re more vulnerable to a back-door attack.

You’ve put a lot of energy into building your reputation. Now, you need to protect it by securing your website. Here’s why.

Four reasons your law firm needs a secure website

1. Higher Search Results, More Visitors

Google ranks secure websites higher than their unsecured brethren. If your site has HTTPS/SSL encryption, you’ll be protecting the privacy of your users.

You’ll also be improving your firm’s marketing. Moving up in search results can have a big impact on your bottom line.

2. Web Browsers Blocking Non-secure Sites

A screenshot of Google Chrome warning the user.

Google’s Chrome browser has changed the way it displays secure and unsecured sites. It used to be that sites that used HTTPS were labeled secure and had a lock icon on the address bar in Chrome. Sites that used plain old HTTP didn’t have any sort of icon but would still load properly.

Now, those websites that use HTTP are indicated with a red icon and a “not secure” label. Chrome can even block the site altogether (see the image). Other browsers are expected to follow.

These changes indicate that security is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s expected. Security is now the default and an unsecured site is the outlier.

3. Protect Form Data

If you collect any sort of information on your website, the security stakes are even higher. What would it do to your firm’s business and reputation if hackers gathered information submitted by potential or current clients?

At best, it could be a horrible embarrassment. At worst, it could ruin your reputation and cost you loads of money in damages.

4. Builds Trust

People want an attorney they can count on, one that does everything possible to protect their clients. Your website is a reflection of you, your firm, and how seriously you take client privacy.

Getting an SSL certificate is a simple way to cover your security bases. Update your site to use HTTPS and your site is safe and secure. It’s not difficult, and your IT resources can certainly help. This bit of prevention now can save you many headaches in the future – and is one great way show that your firm is reputable.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to have a secure website. Above simply outlines few of the main reasons. This is why every TitleTap website comes with an SSL certificate for no additional charge. Request a demo today to learn about all of the other benefits that TitleTap has to offer your firm.

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