Frequently Asked Questions

Will I keep the same Domain Name?
Yes we will keep the domain name and you will continue to pay your domain registrar for the domain name every year (usually $10-20 a year). But you could drop the website hosting from Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or wherever else you currently have web hosting.

How does it transfer to you?
We simply change what are called the “nameservers.” Think of this as an index for your domain name. It tells the internet where your email is hosted, your website is hosted, etc.

Will I lose what I already paid for or will they refund the balance or does your set-up fee cover something like this?
Once launched with us, you could just call your web host and have them drop the website hosting but keep the domain. Depending on if you are paying annually or monthly, they could probably give you a credit (not sure of their policies) or simply stop charging you.

Is there a questionnaire to fill-in to get started on providing content information?
Yes. Once you pay you’ll receive an online form that gathers information about your company, logo, and a space for any special requests. We take that and build a draft of site usually within 2-3 weeks with recommended pages and pages from your existing website. From there, you have the ability to give us feedback and request any changes, update content, etc.

Can we do something like what you already have done before without violating copy rights or will it have to be completely new?
Yes. Our sites all include some starter text on most pages that allows you to read and edit to make unique for your market and customers. As you’ve already identified, this saves you time from coming up with everything from a blank slate. We also have some resources available for stock photography if you do not have many images already.

What is the difference between SiteTap by TitleTap™ and getting a local website designer/developer/marketing agency to build my website?
Websites are expensive, take up your time to create and complicated to manage.  These sites typically costs between $5,000, $10,000 or more for something custom and take months of your time to train your vendors about your business, teach them what finish.

SiteTap by TitleTap offers beautiful, lead converting, cost effective, mobile friendly websites that are designed specifically for the title industry and typically launched within weeks instead of months.

As a result, you get a quality website for under $1,000 setup that speaks specifically to your customers and actually brings you more business.  As opposed to a generic “business card” website like many of your competitors.

Sound too good to be true? How it’s even possible?
It does sound too good to be true but we promise it is.  The reason we can offer this at such an amazing price is that we’ve done most of the heavy lifting before hand – creating some beautiful designs, building useful title-specific tools, calculators, and widgets.

Instead of paying for a 100% ground-up custom solution which is very expensive and time-consuming for you, you get a better solution than you could have imagined and get to customize the stuff that matters: logo, colors, fees, etc.

How do you know about the title industry and real estate law?
Our founders spent over 15 years working in the title industry, IT for real estate attorneys, title agents, lenders, and construction companies, and even as Realtors.

How much does it cost?
For a SiteTap professional design prices start at $999 setup with a monthly hosting and maintenance fee.

What is included?
Lots of great stuff.  See our features and benefits here to see what is included.

What if I still want a 100% unique custom website for my title company?
We do not offer 100% custom websites.

So, can my competitors get the same website as me?
No, even though a competitor could potentially select the same base design, when we are through with each of your customizations, your website will look entirely different. Remember logos, colors, images, and pages are all customizable.  From our own experiences in the title industry, we know that it is competitive out there.  That is why we make sure your marketing messages to customers are unique to you.

Where do I host?
If you sign-up for a SiteTap website, we must handle the hosting for you.  Hosting with us includes ongoing support and include a specified number of minor changes to your website each month. These include: text changes, image changes, change of address, change of personnel, etc.

Can I buy a website from you and host it on my current host?
Yes and no.  A big part of the reason we can offer the cost effective pricing is because the websites are all hosted on the same platform on our dedicated servers making management, compliance, backups, upgrades, and everything else we do for you streamlined.  As a result we can setup the base of your website in a reasonably short amount of time (ie weeks, instead of a months), and systematize the management aspects.

With other hosts if they even support our platform, we still must to modify config files, architect new backup routines, document everything (for future reference), etc. However, we occasionally take on one-off web development jobs like any other web/marketing agency but our rates start at  $7,999 and lose many of the “done-for-you” benefits of the SiteTap platform plus will need to pay for the tools/widgets separately.

Contact us if you’d like a free consultation on a custom website.

Who actually owns my website?
You do “own” your website content, structure, and images which are all running on WordPress (the free open source CMS from the webinar).  Whereas, we own the design, software/widgets (net sheet calculator, title premium calculator, lead gen tool, etc if you choose), and the platform/infrastructure that we’ve created to streamline the development and management of the website.

What if I want to move my website to my own host in a couple of years? (Cancellation Policy)
Since we have no contract, and you own your content, images, and structure you can cancel anytime.  We have 2 “exit” options to migrate your website.

  1. Any good web developer can easily scrape your content, images, and pages then copy them to their own site free of charge.  You’ll just need to let us know the cancelation day after they have your website downloaded. The calculators, widgets, and software add-ons would not be included.
  2. To expedite the process a bit and make it easier for your next designer, we can do a website export at anytime for a one-time fee of $799. This will give you all of your pages, content, images, etc.  Then you can pay another developer to download WordPress, install it to the hosting plan of your choice, pick a new design template, and import your website data that we exported. This option would require you have another developer design a site for you, but all the data, pages, content, and images would be intact. You’d need to pay for the The calculators, widgets, and software add-ons separately.

We want to provide a great service at an even better price. As such we are not in the business of holding you hostage to our service. We want you to be happy!

What formats do the videos come in and how do I use them for SEO/to bring in more business?

We give you the videos in several different ways. Here are the ways and how to use them:
1) Single page HTML with all of the videos. This is similar to an FAQ and can be used as such where a visitor can click on a topic and watch the video on that topic from a single page on your website without leaving your website.
2) 100 Blog Posts – It looks like your website is WordPress so we can also provide you with a blog post containing each of the videos, one post per video. The videos in this format are great for search engine optimization as it provides Google with 100 industry specific questions and answers. The posts are imported as drafts so you will still need someone from your team to sign in, slightly change the text, and schedule/publish each post.
3) A direct link to all of the videos on our video hosting platform Wistia. This is where you will go to publish videos to social media or in email (integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc)

Is the website I subscribe to from TitleTap ADA compliant?
What would be included in your plan is the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget. We continuously strive to implement these isolated technology components, in the interest of accessibility. While we cannot render legal advice or guarantee legal compliance with any applicable accessibility laws, we encourage use of the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget as part of a web services subscription. When you subscribe to web services, you are given the opportunity to opt out of the Widget, if you already employ a webpage accessibility tool. The Widget does not guaranty WCAG compliance. Because our clients are ultimately solely responsible for legal compliance of their services to their customers, allows its clients to make these accessibility decisions.

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