Bottom Line: We Know Your Business

We come from real estate, title, law, IT, and internet marketing so we really do understand your business.

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8 Reasons to Choose TitleTap


The benefits include:


Reason 1: Best Practices Savvy


From the CFPB to ALTA’s Best Practices, we continue to evolve as the industry does so you won’t need to worry.



Reason 2: Industry Experience


Founded by a Realtor and Marketer with grass roots in Title Insurance, Real Estate, Marketing, and Technology. When we say “we understand,” we mean it.



Reason 3: Done-for-you Service


No need to become an expert web designer or marketer. We build the site for you and can even make changes over time such as staff updates or posting your next event.


Reason 4: Save Time

Most marketing firms and web designers take 10 months on average to learn your business and launch your website.  We can have you running in weeks, not months!


Reason 5: Save Money


Custom websites start between $5,000-$10,000 – not including the videos, calculators, industry knowledge & other benefits. TitleTap can get you going for under $1,000!



 Reason 6: Awesome Support


Need a helping hand with your digital marketing? No problem. Contact support or browse our growing library of articles.



 Reason 7: Marketing Add-ons


Differentiate yourself from the other title agents down the street by adding on our success tools – like videos on TRID or social media marketing.


 Reason 8: Satisfaction Guaranteed


Web designers and marketing firms typically don’t guarantee their work. TitleTap gives you a 60 day money back guarantee.