Society’s desire for instant gratification has continued to grow as technology continues to evolve.

For example, one used to have to wait for their favorite show to air each week. Now we can binge watch what we want on demand.

You used to have to find a payphone to call someone; but now you can ask “Siri” to call anyone while driving down the road.

And movies used to have to be physically checked out but now we can stream whenever we want to.

The same is true with your business.

When someone has a question, the service provider that gets back to a prospect the quickest is likely the one that earns the business.

Consumers expect answers to their questions very quickly, even though it is unrealistic for you or your team to answer every question immediately when it comes in via phone, email, or live chat.

New Chatbot from TitleTap

This is why TitleTap has released a new chatbot widget that acts as live chat on your website but without needing to be managed 24×7 by a member of your staff.

We even remove the heavy lifting by giving you a pre-written script that can be customized for your business!

Simply edit our chatbot script to answer the questions your prospects and customers frequently ask, and we do the rest.

As people engage with it, you are emailed an instant notification with the transcript so you can follow-up. This buys you time to respond, while capturing a lead.

The Chatbot is now available on specific plans for new and existing customers. Contact TitleTap today to see if your plan qualifies for the Chatbot.



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