Most businesses want one thing: more business. Unfortunately, what many business owners don’t understand is exactly how to get it.

For instance, they might throw money at marketing agencies that promise big results but never quite hit the mark, or they spend hours at networking events only to leave with a bar bill and a handful of business cards.

The lead-generation process doesn’t have to be a chore – in fact, the best way to get more business starts by looking at the business you already have.

“the best way to get more business starts by looking at the business you already have.”

When you figure out what you’re doing right, that’s when you can set your sights on doing more.

You can condense the entire lead-generation process into two simple questions for your current clients:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. Why did you choose us or continue to do so?

Let’s take a look at the first question.

Question #1: How did you hear about us?

Why is this question so important?

It may sound like a common sense qualifier, but most companies don’t take the time to ask this question – and they’re costing themselves business in the process.

It is important because it tells you exactly how your customers are finding you. One customer’s answer isn’t going to be the Holy Grail of lead generation.

However, when you ask this question, you might start hearing the same answer coming up over and over again – search engines, social media, a review site, that snappy billboard over the highway.

In time, your customers’ answers will tell you more about their journey to your door.

Finding these common trends helps you identify which levers to pull that can get you more business.

Think of it this way – you’ve got a handful of nickels to put into advertising machines. Which one or two of those nickels is going to turn into a quarter?

Say you discover that Facebook and word-of-mouth appear to be your two best marketing channels – so it might be time to double down on your investment in both.

A new round of Facebook ads and some processes to ask for referrals on a regular basis, and BAM! Another ten clients are walking through your doors.

Question #2: Why did you choose us or continue to do so?

Someone once said that the easiest and most important business to get is the repeat customer.

A customer who comes back – and comes back often – is a more profitable business option than a one-and-done buyer.

In fact, many businesses don’t make money on first-time customers, often because of the costs associated with generating the lead that turned into that customer.

Think about it: does your business turn a profit on every customer who walks in the doors, or are your best customers the ones who come back often and/or bring their friends? Most of the profits come from repeat or ongoing business.

The REAL profits come from people who utilize your products and services frequently – so what else does this tell you?

Is it your staff’s incredible customer service skills?

Do you offer the most competitive prices?

Do you provide the best added value?

Identifying the trends that keep customers coming back will also help you identify the leg up you might have on your competition (or the leg up your competition might have on you).

You can capitalize on these trends not only to keep your current customers happy, but reference them in your marketing to attract more customers who like the same things as your current clients.

So if you want more business…

Ask these two essential questions and listen to the answers.

Then make good use of what you hear in your marketing for your Law Firm or Title Company – on your website, in your ads, on your social media, and beyond!

And who knows? If you diligently track the answers over time, you might come across a groundbreaking discovery that transforms your whole business.

Wether you already know your clients’ answers to these questions or not, if you are ready to do more with your marketing with less time and for less money, request a demo today to learn how TitleTap can help!

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