We have also experienced superior results from improved SEO on Google, more brand recognition with the online ad campaigns and increased opportunities.”

Core Service Partners is a company out of South Carolina with multiple brands in the mortgage, real estate, and title markets. It partnered with TitleTap to help on-board new companies faster and in a more streamlined manner, while keeping their brands unique but consistent with the parent company.

“As a partner of multiple brands, it is important that each brand reflect our standard of excellence across the group. Historically, we have been able to streamline best practices on back end operations, however, doing the same on the front end with our online marketing has always been a challenge and very time consuming,” said Ron Frederick, Core’s President.

He continued, “Partnering with TitleTap has enabled new brands to roll out faster over multiple channels and allowed us to stay consistent. We have also experienced superior results from improved SEO on Google, more brand recognition with the online ad campaigns and increased opportunities.”

How Multi-Brand Title Agencies can Market Themselves

Here is how TitleTap helps multi-brand Real Estate Title Insurance Companies standout from their competitors while still being unique.

  1. Pick a base template for all of your brands.
  2. For each brand, we localize the colors, fonts, and images.
  3. The content and marketing strategies we use for your brands are industry-specific.
  4. As you have new brands, we expedite and simplify the process since most of the decisions were made early on.
  5. Making ongoing changes is as simple as emailing us.
  6. Vendor management time and cost is reduced.
  7. Your brands are marketed automatically and consistently in your respective markets.

Interested in how TitleTap might be able to help you streamline your website marketing and/or your social media? Click here to free request a demo and consultation.



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