Have you ever heard the number one rule in real estate?

The rule is “location, location, location” – meaning that where the property is located is the most important factor for the value of the property.

The same is true with business. Except with business, location doesn’t always mean being in the right geographic location. It means being in the right place for the customer to find you – wherever that might be. In this case by searching the web.

Example: Selling a Car

Let’s assume you were trying to sell a car. You might choose to park it on the side of the road at a busy intersection to increase the chances that it gets seen by the largest number of people.

If you want to improve your odds you might even take photos and publish it online on websites like eBay or Craigslist.

However, it wouldn’t make sense to park the car at the end of a dead end street where only a few cars travel each day, would it?

The same is true with your law office or title company’s website.

Do I Really Need A Website?

Some attorneys and title agents I’ve spoken to have said things like “our real estate closing business comes from referrals” or “we haven’t had a need for a website in our 25 years for our law firm.”

Well, you don’t have to list a car on the Internet in order to sell it.

…But it just might allow you to sell it faster or for more money, right?

So why wouldn’t you want to increase your footprint online?

Why get a website now?

Here are several reasons you might reconsider a website design for your law firm or title company.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

According to Pew Research, the largest generation in the US workforce now is Millennials and they are well versed in the Internet and how to use it.

Think about it: this generation has never known life without Internet and cell phones. Social media, Google, and YouTube are normal parts of their everyday lives.

Many of them have never seen a phone booth nor do they know what a video rental store is.  

Let that sink in.

Increase your odds of customers finding you

As described in the car example above, having a web presence increases the odds that new customers will find you and not just millennials.

You may even discover as your regular clients and partners retire and markets change that you start to get more “referrals” from your website than from traditional referrals.

Your competition is online

As my mother used to say: “just because someone else is doing something doesn’t always mean you should too.

However, ask yourself, how much business are you potentially missing out on that your competition is picking up from the web by you not being there?

In addition, maybe there are other businesses like yours without a website. You might consider getting one to get the upper hand on them.

Your prospects are still Googling you

If much of your business is from referrals it still might be a good idea to get a website.

Why? Because your referrals are still Googling you in many cases. In fact, in this day and age sometimes no online reputation could be worse than a mediocre reputation.

These are a few of the reasons we recommend keeping your website fresh and up-to-date.

Interested in learning how we can help you get an industry-specific website design quickly for your law firm or title agency? Request a free demo today to learn how TitleTap is more than a website.



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