Chatbot For Attorneys & Title Agents

Often time the company that gets back to the prospect quickest gets the deal. Let our chatbot answer FAQs while capturing leads.

Chatbot Interactions Save Time and Money

A recent study by Juniper Research showed that chatbots not only improve consumer service, they’re also cost effective and a time saver for businesses, saving over $8 Billion dollars by 2022.

How Our Chatbot Works

You Customize Our Script

We’ve already eliminated the heavy lifting writing a script. We just need your businesses information hours, fees, etc.

Integrate It On Your Website

We’ll integrate it on your TitleTap website so your visitors can start using it right away.

Questions Get Answered

Common questions by customers or prospects will get answered automatically, without your intervention.

Leads Get Captured

Transcripts and lead contact info will be emailed to you to review and follow-up.

See It In Action

Chatbots can be useful not just for answering questions, but for capturing leads so you can follow-up with qualified prospects when you are busy on a file or with a client.

Think of it as an interactive answering machine for your website.

“Wow, that really looks great!”

– Aileen Ortega, Cambridge Title & Closing Services, Inc.

Questions About Our Chatbot Widget?

Contact us below to get your questions answered.

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