“We actually got our first deal from the social media marketing shortly after signing up with that service, it was fantastic!”

Monarch Title Services in Columbus, Ohio, excels at providing closing services boasts “over 100 years of collective experience in the Real Estate industry.”

In fact, they pride themselves on industry knowledge of even the most complex deal, and even provide a tailored experience for every transaction.

However, in the past they struggled to use social media effectively – even when using a social media agency.

“We had always heard we needed to have a solid social media marketing strategy, but with so many tactics and options out there we found very little that was tuned to our industry,” said Richelle Sammons, Monarch’s President.

“TitleTap is focused on our industry and their bundled solutions have really helped us consolidate our vendor management,” Sammons continued. “We actually got our first deal from the social media marketing shortly after signing up with that service, it was fantastic!”


Here are a few ways you can effectively use social media in your business without spending a lot of time.

3 Ways to Use Social Media Effectively If You Sell Title Insurance

1. Claim Your Listings

It may seem obvious, but so many businesses still haven’t claimed their pages and listings in social media. 

There is a misconception that by not having a Facebook page, no one will be able to leave a negative review. That is far from the truth.

In fact, Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, and other social business listing sites aggregate public business data. If you don’t have a business listing, they automatically create one. 

Here is the kicker … you, as the business owner, have no control over the listing and thus, no way to reply to negative reviews if you don’t claim it first. Just ‘owning’ them is half of the battle.

Let me repeat that: If you don’t claim it, you have no control.

If you do nothing else, own your listings or someone else will.

2. Create a Business Card or Flyer with Links to Your Social Profiles

This might seem like a negligible step, but we have found it to be critical.

According to The New York Times, the average person spends almost an hour on Facebook every day. Also, 90% of consumers (including real estate agents) read online reviews before visiting a business, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Even though people are online, real estate transactions still happen face-to-face. Nothing will replace the emotional connection of looking someone in the eye.

After a closing, hand a happy client a flyer with your social pages then ask them for a review. This is your best opportunity to build positive reviews and referrals on social channels.

3. Let Customers Generate Social Content for You

We talked about this previously in our article “The Best Darn Facebook Post. Period.” In addition to asking for a review, you can take it a step further. Offer to take a photo with the client’s phone and ask them to tag the business if they post the photo to social media.

Because purchasing a home is such an emotional experience, that post often gets hundreds of views, comments, likes, and shares. Your customer’s friends and family will all see your business if you’re tagged.

Need help with social media for your Law Firm or Title Agency?

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