Tampa, FL: TitleTap, leading provider of marketing solutions and website designs for title agents, announced 10 new customizable website templates specifically tuned for the land title industry.

“Over the past 4 years we’ve learned which pages and features are most important for title companies – not only to attract real estate agents or lenders, but also as a reference for internal staff and for compliance purposes,” company co-founder Eliot Dill said about the new website designs.

Also, due to the close correlation between title companies and real estate law firms, TitleTap included several designs that will also appeal to agents in attorney-driven states, not just attorney-owned and independent agencies.

The biggest problem that title insurance agents face when investing in their web presence is deciding what content will attract Realtors, Consumers, and Lenders from Google while keeping them compliant with industry Best Practices. Many web designers and marketing agencies understand what looks good but not necessarily how to market a title agency or law office, nor about their strict compliance requirements.

“We’ve streamlined the ability for them to get a new website off the ground painlessly and within weeks by including the pages they should have to attract business and the Best Practices to keep them in business,” Dill said. “We can then simply add or delete specific pages or tabs to further customize the their site for their local market. This solves the challenge for many who do not know where to start or don’t have a lot of spare time.”

TitleTap was founded in 2013 by a former Title Agent who helped grow a title company from 1 to 16 offices, active Realtor, and industry consultant.  They provide law firms and title agents with proven turn-key marketing solutions like websites, social media, video, email marketing and closing calculators.

See the new templates and designs at www.TitleTap.com/designs.



TitleTap provides turn-key websites and marketing tools like Video, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing for Title Agents and Real Estate Attorneys. Get more great marketing tips like this specifically relevant to Real Estate, Title Insurance, Mortgage Lending, and Law by subscribing or visiting our blog above.

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