MPA magazine featured a great article on how industry marketing vendors must be focused on compliance. This is becoming true not only for the mortgage industry, but anyone regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including title agencies.

Vetting vendors you work with is becoming necessary. “It makes sure that anything that is sent out or generated on [your] behalf is 100% compliant and won’t come under any CFPB regulation or scrutiny in the future.”

This is one reason TitleTap added ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3 compliance. Pillar 3 is focused on protecting NPI with backups and cyber security with items like level of access, employee training, and maintaining secure passwords.

What does this have to do with your website?

The truth is that the majority of cyber attacks begin with your website AND an employee error.  For example, a hacker might find your website, notice that it is not secure and decide to run a network scan on your domain name. This information might yield the email addresses of your employees.  They would then send a fake email with a harmful link that appears to be legitimate.

This is one example of how title companies get hacked.

Title agents need to make sure all the companies and vendors they work with are following industry requirements. Your website and marketing is no different. Anyone can build a website for you. Only few can give you turn-key industry regulations out of the box.

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