Make Your Marketing Soar With Digital Advertising
American Land Title Association Webinar July 2018

The internet has changed the way that people shop for everything—including real estate. Digital marketing is the best way to engage customers in the electronic age.

While terms such as “costs-per-lead” to “ad servers” may be overwhelming, getting into this space is vital for companies wanting to stay relevant.

On this installment of ALTA’s Title Topics webinar we discuss why title companies should consider digital advertising, what opportunities exist for the average title agency and how you can get started with a nominal budget.

We’ll also provide a walk-through on how to place a digital ad and show you how to create your own ads.

Need help with your digital advertising? Request a Demo today to learn how TitleTap can help you do more with less!



TitleTap provides turn-key websites and marketing tools like Video, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing for Title Agents and Real Estate Attorneys. Get more great marketing tips like this specifically relevant to Real Estate, Title Insurance, Mortgage Lending, and Law by subscribing or visiting our blog above.

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