Email Marketing for Title Companies

Grow your Customer List Automatically with LeadTap™

What is LeadTap?

LeadTap ™ is an automated email newsletter we add to your website that allows you to grow your customer list automatically at your main or at satellite offices by becoming the go-to online resource for your agents.

How it Works

  • Give your customers an option to opt-in to get high-value piece of information
  • Automatically email them other useful tips each month to grow their business
  • Increase the chances those agents will use and recommend your title services
  • Results:
    • Happy Realtors
    • Increased closing volume
    • Increase in number of customers
    • Increased customer loyalty
    • Instant customer testimonials and feedback
    • And therefore your title company’s value per closing

The more you help your agents close more sales, the more they’ll remember you when it is time to close their next big deal.

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