If you’re selling, don’t do these things – take some notes from the video! 1. Don’t Sell Before The House Is Ready. If it doesn’t present well, it won’t sell well. 2. Don’t Over-Improve People buy houses in neighborhoods. If yours is so “improved” that it sticks out you’re hurting your chances at selling. 3. Hire Wrong Make your agent choice for business reasons. Personal relationships matter, but experience and expertise will determine financial success in your sale. 4. Don’t Hide Anything Covering up or ‘failing to mention’ real problems doesn’t work. State disclosure laws are strict and you can be sued after the sale for anything that should have been made clear. 5. Don’t Rush You should know about your mortgage, including pre-payment penalties your market conditions and trends and your options for your next home before jumping on the market. 6. Don’t Get Too Emotional Your attachment to your house and your own financial needs don’t really matter in the transaction. If you can’t set them aside the sale won’t go as you’d like it to. Remember – it was your home but to the buyer it’s as a house.  
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