So you already have a great looking website for your law firm. Congratulations!

Your website is secure. Check! Mobile friendly? Yep.

You might think you have all you need. But have you measured what your website has brought you for business lately?

As an attorney, you need far more than just a good looking website in order to get prospective clients to contact you through it.

Here are a few things to consider in order to make a good website great:

Answer to common client questions

Did you know that most Google searches are questions, not searches for business names. This means that the majority of people visiting websites are looking for answers to their questions.

As such, Google rewards websites with lots of quality information with high search rankings for their related terms.

Ask yourself: What are the top 5 or 10 questions new clients or leads ask you early in the process? These are the types of posts that you need on your blog!

For example, if you are trying to get foreclosure cases, people may be searching questions like “how to save my home from foreclosure,” not “foreclosure defense.”

In a nutshell, answers to common questions is the basic way New business finds you online.

Be sure your website answers common questions clients have regarding your practice areas.

Differentiator or Unique Value Proposition

The next thing you might want to include is why you are different from your competitors – or better yet why they should choose you over them.

This is called a differentiator or a unique value proposition. This simply gives a prospect a reason to work with you over someone else.

For instance, do you only practice a specific area of law? Maybe people who are having that issue would see that as a benefit for them. Or maybe you have years of experience dealing with a few different types of cases?

One great strategy is to ask your clients why they picked you or someone else.

Whatever your value is, this is your moment to shine.

Put it on your homepage and make sure to emphasize it throughout the website.

Relatable Attorney Biography

Once someone feels like you can solve their legal problem through your expertise on your blog and your unique value proposition sprinkled throughout your website, the next thing people often look for is why to call you over your competitor.

You may have heard of the phrase “people do business with people like them.”

What people are really looking for is relatability so I always encourage attorneys to open up a little on their website bios. Include some of their favorite activities outside of work, the organizations they volunteer with or support, and where they grew up or went to school.

You never know when a prospect might pick you because you grew up in the same state, or they are part of an organization that you have worked with.

With bios, it can be the details that matter most. Be sure to open up about anything you might have in common with other people.

Call To Action

The last thing we recommend to make a good website exceptional is a strong call to action.

A call to action is simply the ask to do something. They can come in many styles and places such as a contact button in the header or a phone number on a page or post.

People visiting a website don’t want to think. In fact, they want to be led. A call to action is a way of asking them to do what you’d like them to do – contact you for a free consultation, download a guide, or pick up the phone to call you.
Great calls to action standout but blend in with the content, and are the natural next step for the prospects visiting your website.

For example, say you have a popular post on the options when facing bankruptcy. A great call to action towards the bottom of the article might be something like “If you are worried about having to file Bankruptcy, contact me today for a free consultation.”

This is related to the content on the page and is the natural and clear next step for someone to become a client. The “free” part of the consultation also removes the risk for the person uncertain if they should contact you or not.

Making a good website great

As previously mentioned, many websites for attorneys already have some key ingredients such as a professional web design and SSL security.

However, in order to make your law website work for you, it is important to include these other elements: Blog posts, differentiation, relatability, and the right call to action.

If you are looking for a website partner that understands the the challenges you face marketing your practice, contact us today to request a free demo. Our service might be just what you need to take your law firm to the next level.

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